We are Paramonga

Agro Industrial Paramonga is a Peruvian brand that has more than twenty years in the national market. Our sugar crystals are made with 100% Peruvian sugar cane grown in the Fortaleza and Pativilca valleys located 213 kilometers north of the city of Lima.

Agro Industrial Paramonga as a sugar industry has more than a century of experience producing sugar from the paramonga district, constantly improving the processes with development and innovation for all families in Peru, main motivation of our effort to provide quality products, maintaining natural principles as if it were from the field to your table.

We are dedicated to the total and efficient cultivation and industrialization of sugar cane and the development of lively businesses.

History in time and management changes

Paramonga was considered the geographical key to the Coastal Empire, for its strategic location in territories ambitious by the Incas. A mute witness to what our ancestors did to defend their territory is the Fortress of Paramonga. 

The Spaniards called this area “parmonguila”, according to writings dating from 1549, signed by Fray Lope de la Fuente and the noble Gregorio de la Peña, found in the Mirador de la Barranca, where the Christ the Redeemer of the province is currently located. 

During the Spanish conquest, they hand over the Paramonga area to the Convent of the Paulinos. In 1860, Don Joaquín de Asín acquired the rustic paramonga fund with sugarcane plantations. Later, the Canaval Family introduces new technological elements of the time to turn it into the Hacienda Sociedad Agrícola Paramonga. Subsequently, the transnational Grace & Co. acquires the property and turns it into a paper chemical agro-industrial complex, which became a benchmark of the industry for many years.

The military government of General Juan Velasco Alvarado divided the Paramonga industrial complex into two companies: the Paramonga Ltda. Society, a state-owned company for the production of paper and chemicals, and the Paramonga Sugar Agricultural Cooperative Ltda. No. 37, which was ceded in property to its workers and dedicated to sugar production. After twenty years of cooperativism, in the early 1990s, rules were given to refloat sugar companies that were broken, turning them into public limited companies. 

In 1996, the company Río Pativilca bought most of the company’s shares and in 1997, the Wong Group introduced a modern management style, with a philosophy of teamwork and continuous improvement, achieving productive results never before recorded.

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Know our history in time


Wong Group bought 94% of shares.


First Sugar Mill to certify ISO 9001:2000


First Peruvian market sugar producer


Launching of the bagasse fuel boiler.


Launching of the distillery.

Environmental Impact Study.


First sugar mill to certify ISO 9001:2008


First Sugar Mill cogenerating energy

RER contract starts.


Launching of the mechanized harvest. / Implementation FSSC2200.

Implementation FSSC2200.


Factory automation: Core Sample

Won: Brahman pure embryons transfer. / Alternative crops: Strawberry, Quinoa.


Production record (138,537 sugar tons).


Launching sprinkler irrigation by traveler canon.


Launching new rapid clarifier.


Finalized SAP S3 implementation and starts agricultural automation – Solinftec software


Solinftec software


1st in Peru to obtain the degree of co-founder by the Ministry of Energy and Mines

Aprobation of PAMA / New logo change of brand identity


Started sowing avocados


Finalized SAP S4 Hana Cloud

Our processes are certified by the Food Safety and Quality Management System based on the FSSC 22000 standard.


We successfully comply with the audits of the main standards that certify the activity of the company. Thus, the FSSC 22000 standard was recertified in its latest version 5.0.

In addition, we maintain the Kosher certificate, which guarantees compliance with demanding parameters according to Jewish confession in the elaboration of the company’s products; that is, in the process it has no contact with dairy products from cattle or with meat or blood from sheep, pigs, among others.

We maintain our registration globally at SEDEX at the request of our clients, satisfactorily complying with social responsibility audits SMETA 4 pillars (Labor Standards, Hygiene and Health, Environment, Business Integrity) and Proterra (Social Responsibility and Sustainability)..

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Our Mission

To be a leading organization with world-class indicators and results.

Our Vission

Nourish and energize the world for a better life.


Our clients, products and crops are our engine and motive

We work to exceed the expectations of our customers with crops and products of the highest quality.

Our people are the most important.

Our greatest competitive advantage is our people. We are a team. We are ordinary people who achieve extraordinary things together.

Relevant and constant innovation.

I believe in continuous improvement and disruptive innovation. I understand that processes and results can always be improved. I see technology as an ally and I am open to change.

Superior performance.

I take ownership of problems and solve them. I don’t point my finger at others, I look for solutions. I own my results, I don’t look for excuses. Optimization is my obsession.

We are a good neighbor.

I am a good neighbor of Paramonga and a good citizen of Peru. I am responsible with the environment. He used natural resources responsibly.